Monday, July 24, 2006

Apparently, I'm it...

So, Bones tagged me for this so I would be forced to update this blog. So here goes..

5 things in my purse wallet

1. Drivers License
2. Natural Ice "Lip Protectant"
3. Gym membership card
4. Cell phone
5. A ridiculous amount of change

5 things in my refrigerator

1. Grovestand Orange Juice
2. Roast beef
3. A variety of pickles
4. Milk
5. Mango flavored water

5 things in my closet

1. Candle sconces
2. Bride's maid dress I wore in my sister's wedding
3. John William Waterhouse prints I haven't framed yet
4. Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS boxes (just in case...)
5. Empty picture frames

5 things in my car

1. Proof of insurance
2. A partially melted crayon
3. Jewel cases for Saliva and Willie Nelson CDs
4. A lab coat
5. 2 pairs of sunglasses

As for who gets tagged next, well, I think I'll just take volunteers. Anyone?