Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It has been awhile since I've posted any poetry, but the world always needs more Dorothy Parker :)

Social Note

Lady, lady, should you meet
One whose ways are all discreet,
One who murmurs that his wife
Is the lodestar of his life,
One who keeps assuring you
That he never was untrue.
Never loved another one...
Lady, lady, better run!

- Dorothy Parker

Friday, February 11, 2011


I know it's sort of late in the year for this, but I've decided to set some resolutions, or goals for myself. For the next few months anyway. The plan is to start March 1st.

  1. Limit "want" purchases for myself. While I have more disposible income than some, I'd still like to have a little more of cushion for myself. Also, I'll hopefully be able to pay my car off early.
  2. Limit my carbonated soda intake. I drink way too much Dr. Pepper. I think I'd feel better and eventually have more energy if I were drinking more water.
  3. Actually go to some of the places I have on my list to visit. I'm not talking Europe (though that would be enjoyable), just place around Alabama and Georgia. I noticed last year I'd spent so much time waiting/wanting to go places hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away, when there are dozens of place much closer to home I've never been. Dismals Canyon, anyone??

I think that's enough for now. No need to get carried away and set myself up for failure. :\