Thursday, October 20, 2005

current status

It's been a while since I last posted, it's been fairly stressful for the last couple of weeks.

my grandmother has gone back into a nursing home. Her health continues to be bad, but the family has decided to just keep her comfortable, but that's not really where the stress has come from.

My mother has basically been demoted at work. It was an unexpected event. She went to a weekly meeting with her boss (a requirement for all the managers in that area) and was told that she wasn't doing the job the way her boss wanted it done; that in two weeks she would be moved into a different position, one that was not in management. Now, on the plus side this will give my mom more time to do the things she likes outside of work. No more middle of the night staffing calls, etc. I know that my mom does not have the strongest management skills around. She tends to treat her employees like they are her kids. Most of the time, this does not cause problems, but some people have taken advantage of her because of this habit. In her favor, she is probably one of the fairest managers in her area, but I guess fair doesn't count. There are 2 of the managers in that area who elect to divert attention from their own failings by undermining others and rather than bring issues to the attention of their contemporaries, they run to their boss.

I know there is nothing I can do about this, but I hate it that I can't fix this for my mother. I don't think the matter was handled well, or fairly. I guess we are lucky the boss at least waited until after my sister's wedding. My mom got the news on her 3rd day back at work after the wedding. and as angry as it makes me, I can't say anything to these people because I have to continue to deal with them in a support capacity.

Ahh well, at least I have Farcry to help relieve the stress. There is nothing like killing and being killed by friends, and then being able to laugh about it after.


Bones said...

Woah, didn't realize that was the situation with your mom. Shows how much I know about upper management at work. I thought she was just getting moved around, I know they like to do that every now and again. Tell her there's always room for her in CSR :)

Frozin said...

Management is over-rated. But I do hope your mom stays in good spirits about it all. Glad I found your blog. Establishing a link at my site now!