Wednesday, December 21, 2005

the story so far

just a little update/rant to fill the time.

1. I still have no XBox 360, probably won't have one until after the holidays.

2. There is now a DS under the Christmas tree with my name on it...along with the games Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and Space Invaders!!!!

3. Sears sucks. I ordered my dad's Christmas gift on Dec. 2nd, and it should have been available for pickup on Dec 16th. However, it has not arrived at the local store and no one seems to know why. I have been told to check with them on Friday, since that is when the next delivery is scheduled. The thing that irritates me the most is that I have the make the 25 min drive everytime I want to check on the status, since the phone number I have for the store DOES NOT WORK. And none of the customer support people I've spoken to by calling the 800 number, don't know or won't give me a different number for the store.

But I digress, the drive wouldn't even be that bad if the store wasn't at the Auburn mall. Malls are evil. Malls during the Christmas season are HELL ON EARTH. All the people who normally can't be bothered to move from the sagging couch in their rusted out trailer descend on the mall en masse in order to buy each other the ugliest, most useless gifts seen in written history.

4. Just to end of a positive note - thank (insert deity of choice) I'm not on-call this week.


Bones said...

Well, I'm on call, so I have no thanks to give there. Sucks about your 360 woes though. I'll think of you everytime I turn mine on :)

Enjoy that DS, I want one but I dont. If that makes any sense. I'm the same way about PSP's.

Capt Crash 31 said...

I too feel bad about the 360 blues, sooner or later it will be in stores for ya.

Sears is THE WORST, I cant believe they screwed you.

Finally, the DS is great, so many fun games (I guess thats why I traded in my PSP for it) You are gonna love it.

k o w said...

The DS more than makes up for the lack of a 360, trust me. And it's funny as I'm still waiting for my dad's gift to reach the local Sears. They suck!

Frozin said...

Hey! The wife and I are looking to get a DS real soon. Hope to game with you in AC and Mario Kart!