Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Checked Baggage

Well, Memphis is a great town. I would love to go back one day. Next time I just hope my luggage arrives when I do. So, I arrive in Memphis last Tuesday morning to learn that my suitcase was not on the flight. I report it to the baggage claim office and am told it should arrive on a later flight and will be delivered to my hotel. They give me a file number and an 800 number to check the status. And I do check the status, every couple of hours. By 6pm, I still had no suitcase. The only things I had at this point were my wallet, my DS, and my glasses (this proved to be very fortunate). We go to dinner and then find a store where I can at least buy a shirt for the next day (at this point I still have hope that my suitcase will be delivered). Go back to the hotel and continue to call about my file status. Wake up Wednesday morning - still no suitcase. In fact, my suitcase and I were not reunited until Saturday, after I had been back home approximately 24 hours. I had 1 hour on Wednesday to go buy all the clothing I would need for the rest of the week, and a suitcase to take it all home in. As you may have guessed, I did not check anything for the return flight.

But I did enjoy Memphis...And I played a lot of Mario Kart!


Capt Crash 31 said...

Sorry to hear about the baggage fiasco.. and remember to NEVER use that airline again. And rember toe moral to this story.. always have a DS handy ;-)

Bones said...

You do know you could've just left 4 hours earlier and drove to Memphis, right? You probably would've made it with you luggage and everything.