Thursday, March 02, 2006

so, maybe not demure


She's passing fair; but so demure is she,
So quiet is her gown, so smooth her hair,
That few there are who note her and agree
She's passing fair.

Yet when was ever beauty held more rare
Than simple heart and maiden modesty?
What fostered charms with virtue could compare?
Alas, no lover ever stops to see;
The best that she is offered is the air.
Yet- if the passing mark is minus D-
She's passing fair.

-Dorothy Parker

You may have noticed a familiar phrase in that poem. Yes, this poem was the inspiration for the name of this blog. The description also came from a poetic/lyrical inspiration. Would anyone care to guess the source?


Kojubat said...

"Mary, Mary, Why You Buggin'?", by Run DMC.

(My lazy posterior finally remembered to link your blog off my site, despite reading it regularly.)

threels said...
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threels said...

that is certainly an interesting guess,! LOL