Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am not married.
I have never been married.
I may never get married...

And I'm ok with that.

All my male friends never have anything to say about my single status; they couldn't care less or at least they never mention it if they do. All my female friends want me to get married and have babies. I have an aunt who frequently expresses her concern to my mother over my single state. She thinks something is wrong with me because I'm not desparate for marriage at my advanced age of 31 (though why she has such a high opinion of marriage I'll never know. She's been married and divorced 3 times...those are the ones we know about, anyway).

The reasons I'm not married are as simple and as complicated as you want to make them. Simple because I've never been "in love." Complicated because I've never been in love due to fact that I've never been able to trust anyone that much. My trust issues go back to my childhood and I won't drag that baggage out today, except to say I've never been able to lose said baggage, unlike Delta Airlines who had no problem losing my baggage.

But regardless of my reasons, I'm like my life as it is. If I want to go to the movies or out to dinner or anywhere else, I go. Sometimes I go with friends and/or family; sometimes I go alone. At this point, I have trouble see myself as part of a couple.

So I guess my question is: if I'm happy with my life, why isn't everyone else?


Frozin said...

Because you are outside the norm. Not something new for a gamer! HAHA. Do what feels right. You only live once.

Bones said...

Well said. You only gotta make you happy. When you take into account the fact that your male friends are all married and wish we could live the lifestlye that you do, I can't imagine why you'd ever even consider giving it up. So, be different if ya want, be happy, and go see Silent Hill tomorrow because it doesn't look like I'm going to get to.

Frozin said...

Hey! If you want, you can see it with me if you and the fam end up coming here for Korben's Birthday party! Threels, you can come to! I didn't have your address so no inviation was sent. =P

Capt Crash 31 said...

You should definately do what makes you happy. Never worry about living your life based on everybody else's expectations because in the end you will never be truly happy. Your lifestyle is completeley normal.. its the others that want you to stop enjoying your life as it is that are not normal.

suburbanjoe said...

if I'm happy with my life, why isn't everyone else?

Because they're not happy with their own lives and it's much easier to try and get someone else to change than change their own situation. That and people suck.