Sunday, August 28, 2005

I hate weddings...

remind me never to have one. my sister is getting married. yippee for her. unfortunately, she lives in Tuscaloosa and the wedding is here in our home town (a mere 3 hours away), leaving me and my mom to do most of the planning. however my mom has been busy lately with working and my grandmother (who is back in the hospital...more on that later). So, i've been printing the invitations and she calls me today to tell me i need to change the spelling of her husband-to-be's father's name. i had not printed that many, but still. the wedding is in 4 1/2 weeks. I HATE WEDDINGS!!!

my grandmother fell today (again) at her nursing home. last time, she had a subdural hematoma. this time, she has a broken hip. i think my great aunt is trying to make my mom feel guilty about putting her in a nursing home. i know my mom does not like seeing my grandmother in the condition she is in (no one would), but every time i spoke to her today, my mom sounded weepy. i can only hope she is not feeling guilty about my grandmother. my grandmother had reached the point where she needed around the clock care, and no one in my family was emotionally, financially, or physically able to provide that. the nursing home was the best place for her. and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.

on to lighter subjects, Transporter 2 opens in theaters next weekend. this is, of course, the sequel to The Transporter. Both movies feature Jason Statham (who is on my list of personal favorites with Vin and Josey). downside is that i am on call for the next two weeks, so probably won't get to see it until after. i am really looking forward to this movie. if it follows the pattern set by the first, there should be some excellent fighting sequences, as well as some amazing driving scenes.

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k o w said...

I'll never understand the need for big weddings. My cousin was just married this past Saturday with over 400 people invited. The ceremony and reception cost him and his bride over $30k. That's money they could have used for a down payment on a house.